Kitchen tops

Kitchen tops are possible to order from granite, marble and quartz (Technistone). 

Granite is 100 % natural material and is the best option for making kitchentops.None of artificial materials can not compete with the beauty of granite. Granite is very dense and low porosity material. Therefore, it does not    absorb significantlyliquids and is easy to maintain.

Marble is well suitable for bathrooms tops, walls and floor tiles. Lots of marble is also used as fireplace details, windowsills etc. If you need a kitchen top, select it from granite or quartz since marble is relatively soft and porous material.

Quartz consists of 93% natural materials - quartz and granite, plus 7% of impurities. Impurities consisting of adhesive and color pigments. The product has more or less identical properties compared to granite. However, because Quartz is artificial stone it is structure and tonality is uniform and the porosity of the material is minimum. Quartz surfaces are very suitable for a kitchen tops.

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