Sinks - Blanco

Granimar OÜ also offers you an opportunity to acquire, together with the tabletop a high quality Blanco sink. We offer stainless steel kitchen sinks of high style, as well as Silgran sinks ideally befitting stone tabletops (click on photo)


Overmounted sinks
Sinks mountable from above are classical sinks, whose edges or flaps keep on tabletop.

Undermounted sinks
The sinks mountable from beneath are fixed under the tabletop. The manner of mounting of the sink leaves more working space on tabletop, the sink area is easy to clean, and the general outlook is elegant. It is an excellent choice for the stone tabletop, where crosscut of stone is visible in the sink section. Such sinks can also be mounted under the tabletop as flushed. In that case only half of stone crosscut is visible in the sink section.

Flush-fit sinks
Sinks flushed from above keep on the same level with the working area of the tabletop. It gives an impression that the tabletop and sink are an integral entity. It looks elegant, the sink area is easy to clean, however it calls for better care.